Select Sound and Video Recordings by Steven Feld
P=Producer, R=Recordist, A=Annotation, PH=Photography, 
F=Filmmaker, PEC=performer/composer

LP 12”

1982 Music of the Kaluli. 12" stereo disc with notes, photos, map. Boroko:
Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies. IPNGS 001. P/R/A/PH

1985 Kaluli Weeping and Song; 12" stereo disc with notes in English and
German, photos, map, transcriptions. Musicaphon/Music of Oceania series
Kasel: Bärenreiter BM 30SL 2702 P/R/A/PH

1987 Out on the Western Plains: The Leadbelly Legacy Band Plays the Music
of Huddie Ledbetter. Daagnim. Remastered and republished on CD 1999,
PostOut. PEC/P


1983 Voices in the Forest (with Scott Sinkler) 30 minute program, National
Public Radio; republished 1987, Wafe Sambo! 001, stereo cassette, with notes; republished
1988, Yearbook for Traditional Music, 20, part 2. P/R

1991 Horn to Horn: Live Action Brass Band. Remastered, reedited and
republished on CD 1999, PostOut. PEC/P


1991 Voices of the Rainforest: Bosavi, Papua New Guinea. CD/cassette with
booklet of notes and photographs. The World. Series producer: Mickey Hart.
Rykodisc RCD/RAC 10173. Republished by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
2011. R/A/PH

1994 Kaluli Song, in Jim Metzner, Pulse of the Planet: Extraordinary Sounds
from the Natural World. Berkeley: The Nature Company. CD (track 3) & text 
(pp.27-8). R/A

1996 Yamala Iya:u; on: Voices of the World. ed. Hugo Zemp. Le Chant du
Monde, CD compilation. R/A

1996 Tom Guralnick Tro: TG3 Pitchin’. PostOut. Republished 2011 VoxLox. PEC/P

1997 Making Sago, on Music from Nature. ed. David Rothenberg. CD
compilation, with Terra Nova 2(3). R/A

1998 Gisalo; on: Dances of the World. ed. Hugo Zemp. Le Chant du Monde,
CD compilation. R/A

2000 Bonefied: Trombone Revenge. Xerx. PEC/P

2001 Rainforest Soundwalks: Ambiences of Bosavi, Papua New Guinea.
EarthEar. CD. Republished in 2011, VoxLox. P/R/A/PH

2001 Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea, 3 cd box set with booklet.
Smithsonian Folkways and Institute of Papua new Guinea Studies. P/R/A/PH

2002 Soundscapes of New Year’s Week in Greek Macedonia. CD and notes
(pp. 318-325) in Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives andthe Power of Music in
Greek Macedonia, Photographs by Dick Blau; Texts by Charles and Angeliki Keil,
Soundscapes by Steven Feld. Middletown, CT:Wesleyan University Press. R/A

2002 Bells and Winter Festivals of Greek Macedonia. Smithsonian Folkways
Recordings. Soundscape recordings and notes; additional notes by Charles and
Angeliki Keil; photographs by Dick Blau. P/R

2003 Iraqi Music in a Time of War: Rahim AlHaj Live in NYC, April, 2003. Voxlox
103. P/R/A/PH

2003 Primo Maggio Anarchico, Carrara 2002: A Soundscape Documentary of
Anarchist May Day Celebrations. Carrara, Italy: F.A.I. R

2004 The Time of Bells, I: Soundscapes of Italy, Finland, Greece, and France.
Voxlox 104. P/R/A/PH

2004 The Time of Bells, II: Soundscapes of Finland, Norway, Italy and Greece.
Voxlox 204. P/R/A/PH

2005 The Time of Bells, III: Musical Bells of Accra, Ghana. VoxLox 205. P/R/A/PH

2005 Accra Trane Station, Tribute to a Love Supreme. VoxLox P/R/PEC

2006 Santi, animali e suoni. Campanacci a Tricarico e S. Mauro Forte (Saints,
animals and Sounds: Bell Festivals of Tricarico and San Mauro Forte). CD book,
edited by Nicola Scaldaferri, with photographs by Stefano Vaja, CD recording by
Steven Feld, and texts by Febo Guizzi, Francesco Marano, and Ferdinando
Mirizzi. Series: Musica e Cultura Tradizionale della Basilicata. Udine: Nota R/A

2006 Suikinkutsu: A Japanese Underground Water Zither. VoxLox 305. P/R/A/PH

2006 The Time of Bells, 4: Soundscapes of Italy, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Iraq/USA.
VoxLox 206 P/R/A/PH

2006 Accra Trane Station, Meditations for John Coltrane, VoxLox 107 P/R/A/PH/PEC

2007 Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana. CD with 40 page booklet.
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. P/R/A/PH

2007 (CD+DVD) The Castaways Project (with Virginia Ryan), 32 page art booklet,
audio CD, DVD, 15 minutes. VoxLox. P/R/A/PH/F

2007 Another Blue Train. Accra Trane Station. VoxLox. P/R/A.PH/PEC

2008 Accra Trane Station, +2 Topographies of the Dark. VoxLox. P/A/PH/PEC

2008 Nii Otoo Annan and Steven Feld, Bufo Variations. VoxLox. P/R/A/PH/PEC

2008 Alex Coke, Tina Marsh, Steven Feld. It’s Possible. VoxLox. PEC

2009 Klebo! Honk Horn Music from Ghana. VoxLox. P/R/A/PH

2009 Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra. 3 x 1 hour DVDs. [1] Hallelujah! Ghanaba and
The Winneba Youth Choir perform G.F. Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus; [2] Accra
Trane Station: The Music and Art of Nii Noi Nortey; [3] A Por Por Funeral for
Ashirifie. P/R/A/PH/F

2010 Waking in Nima. VoxLox. R/R/A/PH/PEC

2011 Skyros Carnival. Photographs by Dick Blau, texts by Agapi Amanatidis
and Panayotis Panopoulos, CD and DVD by Steven Feld. VoxLox. P/R/A/F

2012 Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra: CD Companion. VoxLox. P/R/A/PH

2012 Nii Otoo Annan, Ghana Sea Blues. VoxLox. P/R/A/PH

2012 The Time of Bells, 5. DVD, 60 minutes. VoxLox. P/F

2013 Por Por He Sane/The Story of Por Por. DVD, 70 minutes. With Nii Yemo Nunu.
VoxLox. P/F

2013 M.V. Labadi. DVD, 20 minutes. With Nii Yemo Nunu. VoxLox. P/F

2013 I Suoni dell’Albero, (soundscape composition CD), in I Suoni dell’albero: il
Maggio di San Guiliano ad Accettura. Edited by Nicola Scaldaferri and Steven
Feld. Udine: Nota/GEOS. R/A

2014 Anyaa Arts Library Presents Pyrasonix, Afrifonica. Nii Noi Nortey, Non Otoo Annan, J.C. Abbey, Alex Coke, Steven Feld. CD + DVD. P/R/PH/PEC

2017 Harmattan, Anyaa Arts Quartet. VoxLox. P/R/PH/F//PEC

2017 Then, Duets Live in Concert 1980-1986. Tom Guralnick and Steve Feld. P/R/PH/PEC