Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra Trilogy

Hallelujah! VIMEO
Accra Trane Station VIMEO
A Por Por Funeral for Ashirifie (English/French/Italian subtitles) VIMEO

Por Por He Sane/The Story of Por Por (English/French/Italian subtitles) VIMEO
Also includes the short M.V. Labadi VIMEO


Pyrasonix VIMEO

Skyros Carnival VIMEO

The Time of Bells, 5
The five short films from The Time of Bells, 5 can also be seen on VIMEO

1. Mamuthones of Sardinia VIMEO
2. Skyros Carnival VIMEO
3. Por Por Horns and Bells VIMEO
4. Bufo Variations with Nii Otoo Annan VIMEO
5. Forging Double Bells in Togo (click here for Vimeo link) VIMEO
6. Striking Iron, Sounding Initiation (Northern Togo) VIMEO

Virginia Ryan: The Castaways Project

Where Water Touches Land VIMEO
Virginia Ryan: Multiple Entries, 2008 VIMEO