Recent Interviews & Conversations

Collaboration in/through Ethnographic Film: A Conversation with Antonello Ricci. VOCL 12, 2015. PDF

Intersubjectivity and Collaboration: A conversation with Lorenzo Ferrarini. Archivio di Etnografia, 2014. PDF

Surround Sound. Interview with Sigrid Hechensteiner and Arturo Zilli. Academia (University of Bozen Bolzano) 72: 24-25, 2016. PDF

Sons e sentidos: entrevista com Steven Feld by Rita de Cåcia Oenning da Silva.
Revista de Anthropologia (Universidade de Sao Paulo) 58(1):439-468, 2015. PDF PORTUGUESE

Acoustemology: The Music Show, interview with Andrew Ford. ABC Radio National, Sydney, Australia, May 24, 2015.

Athens Conversation with Panayotis Panopoulos PDF

Hans-Ulrich Werner: Klangreisen mit Steven Feld PDF GERMAN

The Tao of Wood: Mickey Hart and Steven Feld

Roll With It! author Matt Sakakeeny IASPM interview with Steven Feld, 2014

F(i)eld work: Interview Kula Kula Magazine, University of Bergen (pages 32-34)

Field Recording: Interview with Angus Carlyle in Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle, eds., In the Field: The Art of Field Recording. London: Uniformbooks, pp. 201-212, 2013.  PDF

Jazz Cosmopolitanism, Interview with Maurizio Corbella PDF ITALIAN

Open Anthropology Coop: Conversation about Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra

Sound Documentation and Representation: The Festival of Accettura, Nicola Scaldaferri and Steven Feld PDF ENGLISH PDF ITALIAN

Jazz Cosmopolitanism/Sound and Sentiment: IASPM interview with Mark Pedelty

Sound Space: Interview with Jacopo Tomatis PDF ENGLISH PDF ITALIAN

On Media and Representation: Interview with Lorenzo Ferrarini

Ghana’s Por Por Music: National Public Radio

In the Time of Bells: Electronic Musician Interview with Gino Robair

Doing Anthropology in Sound: A Conversation with Don Brenneis

Musica/anthropological/popoli indigeni: a conversation with Antonello Ricci. Anthropologia Museale #8:37-42, 2004. PDF

Rainforest Soundwalks: Interview with Carlos Palombini URL PORTUGUESE

Cultural responsibility: a conversation with Robert Reigle. Resonance 7(2):18-23, 1999. PDF