Voices of the Rainforest, originally a 1991 Rykodisc CD, is a documentary sound art composition of a day in the life of the Bosavi rainforest and its inhabitants. For the CD’s 25th anniversary in 2016 the original analog tape recordings were digitized, and the 60 minute piece recomposed in 7.1 cinema surround sound, in collaboration with Skywalker Sound editor Dennis Leonard. With the support of producer Mickey Hart and the School for Advanced Research, 2017-2018 was devoted to building a film around the soundtrack, drawing both from my 1976-1999 photographs, and a return to Bosavi with filmmaker Jeremiah Ra Richards. The result is an immersive eco-rockumentary, a cinematic concert for ears. 

2019 Fall Previews
Western University, London, Ontario, Canada September 30
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, October 15
Harvard Art Museum, Boston, Massachusetts, October 21
Alamo Drafthouse, Los Angeles, California, October 27
Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy, November 19

The 2.0 stereo educational edition of the film for tv, streaming, rental, and home DVD will be distributed by Documentary Educational Resources, der.org.

The 7.1 BluRay + 2nd edition audio CD will be published with a color photobook as a box set in Fall 2019.